May 9, 2016

Optimum Tilt and Placement

Optimum Tilt and Placement

How to place your panels to captures the most sun and get the Optimum Tilt and Placement?
There are a number of variables in figuring out the best direction.

This is a chart showing most output.
Remember that True north is not the same as magnetic north.

Optimum Tilt and Placement

The following table shows the effect of adjusting the angle, using a system at 40° latitude as an example.
Each option is compared with the energy received by the best possible tracker that always keeps the panel pointed directly at the sun.
Charles R. Landau is showing how to calculate this

The journal Solar Energy took a comprehensive look at this exact question.
They have built a model of a generic solar panel and calculated its output for every possible placement, including orientation (like the face of a clock with 12 as north and 6 as south) and tilt (from 0 degrees, or flat on the ground, to 45 degrees). Then, we repeated the calculation for over 1000 different locations across the United States.
Read the article here

The best solar panel angle would be looking at your roof pitch. It is the most cost-effective way to to install.
But the solar installer can help you figure that out.

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Enter in your country, state, and city to calculate the optimum tilt of your solar panels every month.

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