1KW 250pcs Whole Solar Cells 6×6 Poly DIY Solar Panel High Efficiency 4.3W /Pcs

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Average Power (Watts): 4.3Wp
Average Current (Amps): 8.6Imax
Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax
Effeciency: 17.6%

What you must know about solar panel DIY:

DIY material list:
1. solar cells (any size, 6″ 3″x6″ 5″, any other cutted size)
2. tabbing wire (connecting all the solar cells in serise, to solar array .we call it is bridging so the power current can go through smoothly)
3. bus wire( connecting all the solar cell array to a whole solar panel, we call bussing)
4. Flux pen ( To help the tabbing wire and bus wire are soldered well onto the solar cell)
5. Encapsulation kits (A&B), when you connected all the solar cells well, you need to use encapsulation or glass to protect the solar cell, the solar cell is fragile and easy oxidized, encapsulation kits protect the solar cell from oxyging and broken)
6. Diode ( anti the power current go back to GEL battery at night)
7. Aluminum frame, if you use glass for encapsulation ,you need to framing solar panel.

Package included:

250pcs High power 6×6 17.6% solar cellsMake of highly purified poly silicon
Proven long term mechanical stability of silicon
High efficiency up to 17.6%.
Three bus bars for reduced series resistance and improved module and cell efficiency
Blue anti-reflecting coating ensures improved light absorption and increased efficiency

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