Solar Power and Solar Panels: Answers to Your Questions About How Solar Works, DIY Solar Projects, and Solar Installation,

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Solar power can help you reduce your power bill to nearly nothing and help our environment by using clean, renewable energy. In this brand new book, we’ll answer your burning questions about solar panels, solar power, and DIY solar projects.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How Does Solar Power Work?
What Goes Into A Solar Power System?
What Kind of Solar Power System Should I Get?
Where Should I Put My System?
How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?
Are There Incentives and Rebates For Solar?
What Is A Typical Solar Panel Price?
How Much Will A Solar Panel System Going to Save Me?
How Do I Get A System Installed?
Is It Do It Yourself Solar Power Doable?
Where Can I Get Solar Equipment If I Want To Install My Own System?
Do The Systems Require Much Maintenance?
Solar Power Checklist for installation

Plus pictures and diagrams for easy learning. Check it out now!

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