Build Your Own Emergency Off-Grid Power System: How to Create and Configure An Off-Grid Power System With a Portable Solar Generator

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A step-by-step guide to configure an emergency power system for a long-term grid failure.

We began this this project to prepare ourselves to survive without electricity for an extended period of time, maybe as long as a year. We share our research into battery-centric, electricity storage devices that most people refer to as “Solar Generators” using solar panels to collect electricity to store in batteries.

We will take you through:

  • the electrical appliances were essential to us;
  • what we will have to live without;
  • the appliances we tested;
  • the configurations of several name-brand batteries;
  • what was both practical and affordable;
  • what criteria for a portable back-up generator was most important;
  • how our system will provide whole-house power

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