Solar Labs – PV Series – The Effects Of Changing Angles On PV Panels (Solar PV Labs Book 3)

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Silicon Solar’s Solar Energy Labs are a great resource for teachers to utilize while teaching their students about solar energy. With labs that focus on both solar thermal and solar electric power, you will be able to give your students a great hands on experience with solar energy.

Solar PV Changing Angles Lab

PROBLEM: Can you determine if changing the angle of a PV panel would add up to substantial savings in your energy bill?
MATERIALS: Solar PV panel with alligator clip attachment, 12 volt lawn mower battery, ammeter or multimeter, protractor or clinometers. (Materials Not Included)
INTRODUCTION: Much is made of the amount of energy lost by fixed PV systems because they don’t work with the optimal angle of the sun. In this lab we will investigate how changing the angle of your panel varies the amount of current produced by the panel, and how that would relate to a typical energy bill. You will need to perform this lab at a time when sky cover is very consistent. It is preferable to have sunny skies, but a uniform cloud cover will work.

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