Smart Solar Sales by 2016

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Are you looking for a Green Job in Solar Sales? Many people want a solar job but don’t know about the industry facts or where to get started.

This book, which was once a training manual for a solar company, helps the non-technical and untrained, aspiring solar professional to obtain a foundational understanding of the solar industry. It explains the basic concepts, strategies, practices, and equations used today to sell photovoltaic and thermal hot water systems.

Do not spend thousands of dollars on “solar schools” without knowing the truth about the solar industry. After reading this book, you will know if this industry is right for you. You will know what the reality of the market is. You will be well equipped to pursue your solar sales job. You don’t have to be an electrician. This industry is for men and women who can communicate, educate and are passionate about clean energy.

This book has been updated from its original version. It is revised for the changes happening today and into 2016 in the American Solar Industry.

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