Solar panel companies

Solar panel companies

Solar Panel Companies

People do care about how much money they have to spend on their utility bills, and they also care about the environment.

Why Is Solar Power The Best Option?
The cost for solar power systems for homes has dropped dramatically in the last years, and the panels have increased in efficiency. Generating electricity and providing clean power for homes, helps cut global carbon emissions. Solar power from the sun’s energy is available in abundance,  and it is free.

Best Package
Most solar power installation companies do not provide a complete package. They provide the components, but not the installation, which is done by a subcontractor, as are maintenance and repairs. And yet another company will be responsible for monitoring the system.

Did you know that the inverter, which converts the DC solar power to AC power to be used in your home, has a life expectancy of about 12 years? Replacing this inverter has a price tag of at least $1,500.

Only one solar provider (click here) offers zero down, design, system components, installation, maintenance and repairs, monitoring and free replacement of the inverter.

Price Match
It is always a good idea to obtain several proposals for your solar power system. You should get a customized solar quote based on your energy needs and your home’s architecture. Ask for a very detailed breakdown of each item, what is covered, what is not included, and who will be responsible to address any problems that might arise.
Take advantage of the flexible financing options to meet your needs, the zero-down installation and a price match by (clicking here) .

A Better World

Do you know that the GivePower foundation sponsors schools without electricity by donation of a solar power system and battery.
For every megawatt of solar power SolarCity installs there will be charity to school Check If You Can Get It Here – By Entering Your Zip Code
Save 20% Or More On Your Electric Bill With Solar. Free Installation. $0 Down.